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    National and International shipping is using courier express EMS International and/or the regular post from the Peruvian Post (Serpost del Peru). Liability on delivery dates are the sole responsibility of the courier, Serpost del Peru and your local courier. 

    Delivery is about Eight (12) working days for EMS International Express, priority mail and  regular mail. All products are packaged with the highest quality standards here at our facility. Your parcel is subject to customs inspections at your port of entry and Mycocatea.com  cannot be held responsible for damaged articles or seizures by your country’s officials. Customs declaration and all the documents related to the shipping are included. However it is possible that some countries require additional information from the client or tax payments at customs in order to clear the shipment. In these cases the customer is fully responsible to provide any documentation or payment at customs. In all cases, shipping costs are not refundable. we would be happy to resend your order again or refund your money but shipping cost must be cover for the customer if they want resend the order. If the shipment is refused or ignored by the customer, the courier will make contact again within the next 5 days in order to arrange another delivery date. Failing this, the order will be returned to our shop. Should the client require the order again, the customer will pay for all further costs incurred. 
    Customers are responsible to inquire about prohibited products within their countries. If a customer’s order is rejected by customs because the products are restricted or prohibited, we may refund money , send the products or work something out with the client. If you have any complaints regarding our services or products you must first contact us and secondly, fill in the form on this web page. Any dispute will be resolved within 15 business days following acknowledgment of your claim.

    If no resolution at the end of this 15 business day period, the claim will be found in the customer's favor. Note that regarding shipping issues, you must deal directly with the courier of your country. For customs issues, you must deal directly with your local authorities. We have authority to pursue claims regarding shipments or customs only when said problem occur within Peruvian territories.
    Any legal disputes related in any way to products you purchase through Mycocatea.com shall be submitted to confidential arbitration in Lima, Peru. Arbitration shall be conducted under the rules of the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce in Lima, Peru and INDECOPI (Instituto de Defensa del Consumidor). The Arbitrator's award shall be binding. Moreover, any legal dispute shall be resolved under the Peruvian law in the Court of Lima, Peru.
    Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Peruvian law. Disputes arising in connection with these terms.

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