• Llipta-20 balls

Llipta is a mass formed by a mixture of lime and/or ash (typically) of kiwicha or quinua, that powers the extraction of coca alkaloids.  Llipta softens the coca leaves' astringent flavor and activates the alkaloids. The alkali component, usually kept in a gourd (ishcupuro or poporo), can be made by burning limestone to form unslaked quicklime, burning quinoa stalks, or the bark from certain trees, and may be called ilipta, tocra or mambe depending on its composition. Many of these materials are salty in flavor, but there are variations.  Chewing the leaves without llipta has less effect so you really need to chew with a little bit of llipta. You actually don't have to chew much, just suck the juice that is formed with the mixture of leaves and llipta.  Continue forming the ball, swallowing the juice. When you feel that there is no juice left spit it all out and you can start over. After you have chewed several times you will find the balance/ratio of leaves to llipta and it will come naturally.

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Llipta-20 balls

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